Choose an office where you feel at home, and you'll never again feel like you're at work. Welcome to Handel Amsterdam, the most inspiring and comfortable office in Amsterdam's Zuidas area. A new generation of companies and employees that need a unique and personal work environment. Handel Amsterdam consists of three unique pavilions, connected by a spacious corridor with shared facilities. Fully geared towards today's new way of living and working, where flexibility, quality and transparency take precedence. The freestanding building is the result of sustainable design, and is located at a green and highly accessible location, near the dynamic Zuidas. The stylish interior, the freely accessible catering facilities, and the broad offering of suitable services make Handel Amsterdam complete. Welcome home.

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From working at an office, to the new way of working from home, to feeling at home at work. Handel Amsterdam makes a conscious move away from the large-scale with a design that is based on the idea of making room for personal identity, spontaneity and creativity. By responding to a variety of needs, the tenants will have the freedom to add their own personal touch to their work environment.

Handel Amsterdam creates an atmosphere conducive to informal conversations, unexpected encounters, and spontaneous work areas. The more, the more often, the better. Doing some work on your laptop on a comfortable sofa? Catching up with a colleague? The spacious corridor offers an ample and diverse selection of communal facilities such as flex work areas, brainstorming rooms, and comfortable seating areas for those times you just need some space. The available technology ensures you will be always be online, everywhere, and therefore accessible.

Handel Amsterdam is based on needs instead of square metres. The intelligent, carefully planned design reduces the number of square metres companies will need to lease, yet still offers them a much larger range of facilities to choose from. Tenant can take maximum advantage of the communal areas. The right balance ensures that everyone feels at home.

"Get inspired in a natural environment."



Making room for personal identity and facilitating spontaneity require striking the right balance between a restrained yet strong design. Gent&Monk Architecten BNA designed a unique and provocative building that sets itself apart in the Zuidas through the intimacy of the three pavilions, connected by a spacious corridor, and equipped with various communal facilities. The high ceilings, expansive windows and visible wood structure are more reminiscent of a modern villa than an office building. A place where you quickly feel at home.

The finishing is of exceptionally high quality; a great deal of thought has gone into every detail. The stylish design and use of high-quality sustainable materials make the building extremely future-proof. Sleek elements such as white, seamless Corian and glass have been ambitiously combined with sturdy concrete and natural stone. Relaxation and seating areas have been placed in a natural manner in the green landscape surrounding the building, offering a place to spend a private moment, meet with others, or just enjoy a delicious lunch.


No modular ceilings, commercial carpeting and fluorescent lighting here. Just gorgeous wood floors, solid concrete and atmospheric lighting. Combined with the natural, warm materials and the ever-present greenery, Handel Amsterdam looks more like a living room than an office environment. The varied seating areas meet the needs of a variety of situations, such as spontaneous conversations, meetings, conference calls,

or just a quiet place to make a phone call, catch up with colleagues or brainstorm. Spontaneously create a comfortable place to sit and do some work on your laptop, or just enjoy the view outside – the building entices its occupants to do just this. This is not only possible in the private areas with open work floors and high ceilings, but also (and particularly) in the spacious corridor that connects all the pavilions and where everyone feels at ease. Designed by All-in Living.

"Feel at home at work."


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The office spaces are distributed over three pavilions with a total surface area of approx. 2,117 m² LFA. The office pavilions are linked together at the back of the building by a common area, the spacious corridor, where meeting functions, pantries and lounge sofas contribute to the building's communal function. The catering facilities with flex work areas are part of the office pavilion.


The 2,117 m² office area offers a variety of possibilities for leasing. Each of the three pavilions (723/553/569) is available for lease in their entirety, and it is also possible to lease the entire floor, from 130 to 329 m², or for independent contractors to use a work space in the catering area. The building offers over 572 m² of shared space (the corridor), where occupants can converse, relax and hold meetings. The minimum free height of the spaces is 3.2 metres, rising in some places up to 5 metres.


Fourth quarter 2014.

The office spaces will be leased to include:
- Alarm
- Spacious corridor decorated with art and multimedia system
- Stucco ceilings and walls
- Fibre optic internet via floor outlets and WiFi
- Intercom system

"Open, transparent and still personal."


Handel Amsterdam is extremely easy to get to by car. The building is on the corner of the exit off the A10 ring road, at the Amstelveenseweg (junction S108).

Public transport

The Fred Roeskestraat is extremely accessible by public transport via express tram 50 and tram line 16. Both stops are a seven-minute walk from the building. The Amstelveenseweg station also offers options for transferring to various bus lines.

Accessibility to the airport

A mere eight minutes away, Schiphol Airport is extremely easy to reach via the NS train stations WTC and RAI, and by car on the A10 ring road.

Ground plan

More than a building


Handel Amsterdam is greater than the sum of its parts. An office where a careful balance between shared and private spaces results in an inspiring and comfortable work experience. A public restaurant equipped with flex work areas, a shared reception and waiting area, and parking facilities in a garage for the tenants. The three pavilions are connected by the spacious corridor where the various shared facilities may be found, such as brainstorming areas, workstations and seating areas. A pantry is located on every storey of the spacious corridor.



In addition to the standard services such as maintenance, reception, security and more, it is also possible for tenants to purchase subscriptions for a variety of other services. The service package, which includes a grocery-shopping service, drycleaning, secretarial services, massages, etc.



Handel Amsterdam aims to leave the smallest possible footprint, and offer a high degree of quality and user-friendliness. One of the many examples of this is the 'A' energy label.

The building is heated using district heating, making it possible to regulate and manage climate control in each individual pavilion. The communal areas are also equipped with underfloor heating. Instead of an energy-guzzling air-conditioning system, a heat pump supplies cool air. Solar panels are installed on the roof, and extensive insulation measures ensure a minimal loss of energy. Volume flow limiters on the taps help prevent water wastage. The decision was also made to incorporate sustainable materials resistant to obsolescence, such as FSC-approved wood and LED lighting.

The high-quality ventilation system and the sound-insulating floors contribute to an excellent working environment. Thanks to the generous width of the corridor ('the spacious corridor' ), the presence of a lift and the absence of thresholds, the building is accessible for everyone.

Handel Amsterdam has been carefully designed, taking both the environment and future into consideration, resulting in a valuable, functional and enduring asset for Amsterdam.


Handel Amsterdam is being developed by All-In Real Estate B.V. in cooperation with Being Development B.V., and realised by Bébouw Midreth B.V. (VolkerWessels).The interior is designed and executed by All-in Living.


Please contact us for further information and to tour the location.

Contact: Menno Baars (All-In Real Estate)
Telefoonnummer: +31(0)6 29 60 15 41

Contact at the premises:
Telefoonnummer: +31(0)20 229 72 29

Address: Fred. Roeskestraat 95 – 97, 1076 EC, Amsterdam